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Vandagraph Sensor Technologies develops and supplies oxygen sensors and associated technologies - specifically to OEMs in the diving industry.

We offer oxygen sensors optimized for use with OEMs’ equipment. Technical support is provided from initial R&D through to production.

As part of this, we offer rapid prototyping and development of engineering samples. Thereafter we maintain short delivery lead times for production sensors – for small quantities through to large volume supply.

Advantages of VST oxygen sensors:

  • Production quality, consistency on a sensor-to-sensor and batch-to-batch basis.
  • Excellent signal stability.
  • Consistency in temperature tracking.
  • Increased range of operating temperatures.
  • Tight tolerances in temperature compensation network.
  • Excellent temperature compensation for both static and dynamic temperature changes.
  • Fast sensor response times.
  • Custom labelling.
Additional capabilities for consideration:
  • Sensor response times <1s.
  • Smart sensor technologies.
  • Custom sensor casing designs.
  • Custom interconnectivity.
  • Custom packaging.
  • Cable assemblies.

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